What Is The AFUE Rating?

What Is The AFUE Rating? BowieWith the winter chill beginning to set in, now is a great time to consider a furnace installation for your home. When your furnace repair needs outweigh the costs of operating the system, you will be ready for a heating system replacement. One of the best ways to determine the efficiency of your aging heater is to schedule a professional examination. During your HVAC system evaluation, your technician will use the AFUE Rating to calculate the efficiency of your furnace. If your furnace is rated at less than 80% AFUE, you will be ready to schedule a heater installation. A company offering heating system replacement near Bowie can help you choose an efficient new furnace that is perfect for the needs of your household. By installing a new furnace that boasts an AFUE Rating of 97% or more, you are sure to get the best performance from your system during the winter months.