Benefits Of Replacing Your Old Air Conditioning System

Are you not that comfortable inside your home anymore? Are your utility bills steadily increasing every year? These are only 2 signs that you may need air conditioner replacement. Replacing your unit offers several benefits.

  • Fewer expensive repairs. Money spent on expensive repairs of an old air conditioner could instead be going to a new, more efficient system. Sum up your repair bills for the past two or so years. If it’s higher than the cost of a new system, then it’s better to get a new one.
  • Lower monthly energy bills. Are electricity bills from cooling your home straining your monthly budget? As power supplies decrease and production demand and costs rise, the cost of electricity is bound to increase. New air conditioners are progressively getting more efficient. When the efficiency of a new air conditioner is combined with the sealing or replacement of a leaky ductwork, you can save lots of money on your monthly electricity bills.
  • Better comfort. Do you have hot areas in your home during the summer season? Does your oversized air conditioner turn on and off fast, but leave the air inside the rooms feeling damp? A new unit will provide more comfort to the home. An air conditioner with too much capacity turns on and off too fast, which does not allow time to effectively condition the air. If your system has leaking ducts or is undersized, it will often not cool adequately in certain or all areas.
  • Quieter operation. Both indoor and outside units have gotten a lot quieter in the past years.
  • With a quieter new unit, you can enjoy the areas nearest your air conditioner.
  • Tax credits, rebates and special financing offers. To benefit from the tax credits, special financing offers and rebates from your local air conditioner contractor or manufacturers, you’ll likely need to buy a new unit. Financial incentives are usually not offered on unit repairs.
  • Greater reliability. Breakdowns of older systems tend to happen during the period of heaviest usage – on the hottest days when you need air conditioning the most. With a new unit, you don’t have to worry about such matters.
  • Improved air quality. Investing in an air conditioner replacement means you’re also taking the necessary steps to improve the quality of air in your home. A new unit filters out more pollutants and allergens from circulating, which keeps your home a lot cleaner. As allergens are gradually eliminated and dust levels are lessened, you’ll find that the air is easier and cleaner to breathe.

Improve the quality of air within your home and save money with an air conditioner replacement. Tax credits, rebates and financial incentives make upgrading more reasonable and you’ll save even more through reduced energy costs. The new units are more energy-efficient and reliable than before and you can also take advantage of new warranties offered by manufacturers. Replacing your present system might be the answer to the comfort issues you’re facing right now.