Benefits of Scheduling Spring HVAC Maintenance

Even after all the effort and time it takes to find the best HVAC system for one’s business or home, people still tend to forget to schedule maintenance checks most likely because of getting preoccupied with other urgent matters. Next thing they know, a year has passed and they still haven’t scheduled maintenance checks. If you want to keep your HVAC system running for lots of years, you need to keep in mind to have it tested and checked. The HVAC system in your office or home is a very significant asset, particularly during summer and winter.

The Importance of Scheduling Spring HVAC Maintenance

If HVAC maintenance is not done, it will start to accumulate too much dirt and dust. The condensing unit outside might be covered with fallen leaves and tree limbs, dust and dirt, which will lessen its efficiency. If this goes on year after year, your HVAC system will start to lose around 5% of its maximum operating efficiency. After 5 years of no HVAC maintenance, your unit will just be running at around 75% of its best efficiency, which will make it work much harder that in turn will drive your power bills through the roof. HVAC units consist of a big part of a utility bill, so by keeping your system running at its best, you’ll keep your power bills down.

HVAC maintenance will prolong the life of your unit, keep it running safe and help you save money on your power bill. The unit will be safer since while the technician is performing the maintenance, he’ll also test and tighten the electrical connection and measure the current and voltage of the motor to make sure that the system is running flawlessly. The technician will also inspect the firebox to guarantee there are no holes as this will lessen the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and fire. It’s important for the safety of your family and your employees to schedule HVAC maintenance checks.

Schedule your HVAC Maintenance Now

If you tend to forget things, you can sign up for a yearly preventative HVAC maintenance schedule. This way, you are assured that your HVAC system will stay running at its maximum efficiency. A maintenance program is important to get the most value and most effective performance from your system. One way you can help extend the life of your system is by changing the filter according to suggestions from the manufacturer.

Disposable filters can be discarded when they’re dirty, but change them right away. Reusable filters can be washed, but make sure to let it completely dry before you reinstall them into your unit. HVAC maintenance will keep it running safer and better, keep you comfortable all year long as well as save you money in due course. A professional technician has the experience and skill to conduct all regular maintenance on the HVAC system. If your unit has not been checked or maintained in the last year or 2, make sure to set up an appointment with a reliable technician.