Summer is Here. Is your Air Conditioner Ready?

Just like with car maintenance, regular maintenance of your air conditioner will help it last longer. It will also keep the unit running more efficiently and continue to keep your energy bills lower. The best time to conduct an air conditioner tune up is early spring, but it can also be done in mid to late spring. The idea is to ensure that the tune up is completed before the summer season comes. Many people will be having their units readied for the hot days, so be sure to schedule your air conditioner tune up earlier to get it done before the temperature starts rising. Getting your unit tuned up also allows you to avoid costly repairs. Keep in mind that preventative maintenance is always a lot cheaper than having to repair problems that happen when a unit is not taken care of properly. A well maintained a/c can last fifteen years or longer. During the air conditioner tune up, expect these things to be done:

  • Replacing or cleaning filters
  • Checking the airflow blower and ensuring everything is working properly
  • Lubricating any moving part that needs it
  • Checking the condensate drain and coils
  • Ensuring the fluid levels are where they must be and completed if necessary
  • Checking the hoses for any wear or cracks in the material
  • Replacing the hoses if necessary

Even something as trivial as a dirty filter can cause some problems with your air conditioner. Replacing the filter is easy and makes a great difference in the way your unit works. Dirty filters can cause the system’s coils to freeze up. If that occurs, the unit stops blowing cool air and won’t be of any help during those hot days. Keeping the area around the unit free of dust and changing the filters regularly can keep your air conditioner much cleaner. You’ll certainly use your air conditioner more often if you live in a hotter climate, so getting an a/c tune up around every six months or so will keep the unit in good running condition. Having your unit checked regularly will also help you identify any problem with the air conditioner before they become big repair issues.

Having an air conditioner tune up also lowers your energy bills, so you’ll be able to save money. If your unit is kept in good condition and maintained, you can save as much as three to ten percent on your energy bills. When you maintain your air conditioner, keep it out of the sunlight to prevent it having to work harder, seal the duct work, make sure that your windows are properly sealed and have proper insulation, you will surely have a comfortably cool home throughout the summer season and also save money, which every person wants to do in this economy. Just make sure that you hire a reliable company to do the air conditioner tune up. This way, you are assured that your air conditioner will function at its best and you’ll be able to maximize your investment.