Winter Is Nigh. Are You Prepared? Is Your Furnace?

Like it or not, the snow is starting to fly and the temperature starting to dip. Are you ready for another winter? More importantly, is your furnace? If you haven't had your furnace checked out by a reliable HVAC repair person, it's time to schedule a maintenance visit ASAP. Or maybe last year's frigid temps took a toll on your old furnace, and it's time to invest in a new system. If that's the case, you can start by looking at Trane furnace reviews and other furnace reviews. Read on to determine how much time and money you need to invest this year, in order to keep your home and family toasty warm throughout the winter.

  • Why Do I Need Heating Maintenance Services?

    Think about how much work your furnace did last year. Now think about how your furnace works: it sucks in the air of its surroundings, and heats it, spitting it out of the vents, using even more air to push it through.

    When's the last time the air filter was replaced? Furnace air filters do require regular replacing, especially since chances are your furnace is in some dark, dusty, dirty place like the basement.

    If your furnace keeps sucking in that dirty air, and trying to run it through that nasty filter, there's going to come a point where it is working so hard just to get its normal amount of air, that it's just going to up and quit. Having the filters checked regularly, and changed when necessary, is one simple step you can take to keep your furnace working at peak capacity.

  • What If I Need Heating Repair Services?

    If you've been neglecting your furnace and taking its hard work for granted, there will come a time when If that's the case you have a few options. If it's at night, you can call in for an emergency repair and pay a ton, or bundle up and wait it out. Then, you need to decide whether you want to repair or replace. Your best choice is to call in the service tech to tell you what is your best approach. You may be assuming replacement is necessary, when all you need is repair. It may be easier than you think to keep your old furnace running strong for a few more years.

  • What If I Need a Whole New Furnace?

    If you need a brand new furnace, the best place to start is by looking at online reviews. Trane furnaces are known for being reliable appliances, and reading reviews can help you narrow down whether that brand is the best one for you, and if so which model will suit your needs. Trane furnace reviews, as well as reviews of other furnaces, can be useful for comparison shopping purposes as well. If you have a furnace repair company that you trust, ask them for recommendations, too. They will be able to take into consideration the particular needs of your house, and help steer you toward the most efficient, cost-effective furnace.