Heater Repair in Annapolis, MD

Your home heating system is responsible for maintaining indoor comfort when the temperature outside is low. Maintaining your heating and cooling system will ensure your HVAC system operates efficiently for the greatest energy savings and appliance longevity. If you suspect you may need heater service near Bowie, or even a new heater installation, don't hesitate—contact a qualified furnace repair technician at Palmer Heating & Cooling today.

Repair your Heater in Bowie

Signs You Need Heating Repair

Waiting until your heat gives out to schedule furnace repair isn't the best course of action. Learning to spot the signs that you need professional HVAC service can keep your heating bills low and prevent outages that leave you in the cold.

  • Although no furnace is silent, hearing loud bangs, clangs, pops, rattles, or squeals from your furnace means it's time to have an HVAC professional take a look.
  • If you find yourself turning up the thermostat frequently without much effect, your furnace isn't working efficiently. It's time to schedule furnace repairs or maintenance for more effective heating.
  • If you notice a drastic increase in your heating bills without an increase in furnace usage, this also indicates a drop in furnace efficiency that may be due to worn, dirty, or failing parts.
  • A yellow pilot light indicates that your furnace is not burning fuel effectively and may be producing excess carbon monoxide. Contact a furnace repair specialist to take a look at your burner.
  • Condensation on your windows or indoor air that is excessively dry are both indications of a problem with your home heating system.

Heating systems we repair include:

  • Natural gas fired
  • Oil fired
  • Electric fired
  • Propane gas fired

Furnace Care Tips

Caring for your furnace may seem unnecessary when it's functioning properly, but regular maintenance will keep your heater working efficiently for years to come. Call Palmer Heating & Cooling at (301) 440-6069 to request an estimate or get advice on caring for your home heating system.

  • Replace your furnace filter once a month; the filter is designed to protect your furnace from dust and other airborne debris, which can coat its components and affect function. This regular maintenance task will also keep your air cleaner for a healthier indoor environment.
  • Keep the area around your furnace clear for three feet in all directions. Avoid storing objects near it that could easily fall and damage the appliance and make sure the flue and venting are also kept clear and in good repair.
  • Schedule a professional HVAC inspection for your furnace in the fall before the heating season begins. Having a professional check over your system will ensure it is clean and that any failing parts are replaced long before they have the chance to break and cause further damage.

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