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Maintain Your Heating System

Taking care of your heating and cooling unit, also known as an HVAC unit, takes many steps in preventative maintenance. This is especially true in a state such as Maryland, where it gets very hot in the summer and extremely cold in the winter. To prevent needing serious repairs or your system to be replaced, Palmer Heating and Cooling offers many services to help keep your system running.

Heating and cooling tune-up and maintenance may include:

  • Clean burners
  • Clean/replace filters
  • Clean heat exchanger
  • Check safety controls
  • Check all Safety Controls

We work to help you take care of these small maintenance issues before they become larger, more expensive issues. If you suspect something is going on with your unit, it's better to get it checked out sooner than later. We provide thorough inspection and cleaning as part of our service, to check your unit and ensure it's working properly. Feel free to call us now at (301) 440-6069!

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