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Unfortunately, urgent HVAC problems don’t only come during regular business hours. When you are suddenly left without heat or air conditioning, especially in extreme cold or hot temperatures, it can be a truly pressing matter. Palmer Heating and Cooling offers 24-hour emergency HVAC services to repair AC units and heating systems whenever they breakdown. We are prompt and professional, responding quickly to emergency calls to minimize the potential damage caused by these situations. Our services are available in Shady Side, MD and the surrounding areas. Call (410) 956-7002 to get in touch with one of our HVAC experts right now.

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When To Call For Emergency AC Repair

When your AC breaks down in extreme heat, it can constitute an emergency on its own because high temperatures can be unsafe for humans and pets. However, that’s not the only time you should contact us for our emergency AC repair services. If you hear excessively loud noises coming from your system or smell a burning odor coming from it, you should shut it down and contact us immediately, as there may be a safety hazard.

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